Reviews from our Customers

247Moneybox is rated 4.9 stars out of 5 based on 52 reviews from the last 12 months. Here are reviews of given by our customers.

"Quick and easy"

5   James, Bexleyheath

"Easy application. No hassle at all"

5   Sandra, Telford

"Fully appreciate this service"

4   Gemma, Bradford

"Fast service"

5   Stephen, Stanford-le-Hope

"Quick, easy, and available 365 days a year"

5   Karen, Sheringham

"Very quick!"

5   Andrew, Wirral

"Everything is ok"

5   Edward, North Shields

"5 out of 5!"

5   Amanda, Andover

"Very good service and quick"

5   Sandra, London

"Fast and prompt"

4   Darren, Glasgow

"Great service"

5   Michael, Wirral

"Very happy with the service"

5   Heidi, Bristol

"Nothing to change!"

5   Rhian, Swansea

"Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a short term loan"

5   Jenson, Blackpool

"Easy to use. Efficient and quick."

5   Hugh, Lanark

"Very quick decision"

5   Emilija, London

"Excellent and quick process"

4   Gerrick, Grays

"Service is excellent. It's really good and fast"

5   Frank, Dumfries

"Excellent service"

5   Manwara, West Bromwich

"Everything was done well. Could not have been done better"

5   Denis, Birmingham

"Easy application process"

5   Margaret, Newcastle


5   Ferenc, Wembley

"Can always be counted on"

5   Nana, Twickenham

"Good customer service and fast payout"

5   Natalia, Kettering

"Very helpful"

5   Fiona, Maidstone

"Quick and hassle free"

5   Russell, Newhaven

"Great service and quick responses"

5   Vilive, Peterborough


5   Elena, Wolverhampton

"Very professional"

5   Samuel, Benfleet

"Always efficient and money in right away"

5   Jennifer, Birmingham

"Great, prompt service"

5   James, Thatcham

"Provides a fast and courteous service"

5   Steven, Coventry

"5 out of 5. Excellent"

5   James, Birmingham


5   Kenneth, Paisley

"Speedy process and payment"

4   Scott, Bishop Auckland

"Very fast service"

5   Marcin, Bedford


5   Nigel, Rugby

"Easy application process"

5   Matthew, Newcastle Upon Tyne

"Quick and efficient and staff are friendly and polite"

5   Kellie, Perthyn


4   Janelle, Manchester

"Excellent service. Quick and easy to use"

5   Jayne, Birmingham

"Seamless service"

5   Abiola, London


5   Scott, Rochdale

"Excellent fast service"

5   Sylvia, Bootle

"Would recommend to everyone"

5   Stephen, Liverpool

"Fantastic service"

5   Terri, Wrexham

"Fantastic company with great customer service"

5   Tricia, Nottingham

"Excellent service"

5   Tanveer, Hounslow

"Team are polite and efficient"

5   Matthew, Bognor Regis

"Great and prompt"

4   Kayleigh, Coalville

"Sorted my issue instantly - no need for improvement"

5   Megan, Barry

"Really great, polite, and helpful"

5   Paula, London

We really value our customer feedback and think that all comments are constructive. This applies to positive and negative reviews. We believe strongly in a positive feedback loop whereby we take the issues raised in the comment and look to solve them so that we can improve a user's experience and ultimately improve our service. It's no surprise that customers are becoming increasingly reliant on reviews in making an assessment about whether to engage with a business or not. With this in mind a business that fails to take feedback seriously could see a loss in sales. It's not only that reviews can increase revenue but most importantly it helps drive engagement and ultimately credibility with existing customers. In a world where customers are increasingly footloose and able to switch between providers with relative ease, building a loyal customer base is incredibly important.

In addition to responding to reviews being good for sales, it is also a behaviour that can be positive for staff. A customer's experience can be heavily influenced by the actions (or lack of actions) of front line staff. All good businesses want to promote good behaviours amongst staff and deploy training and development in an optimum fashion where there are shortfalls. Ignoring such a rich source of data and information signposts does not make good business sense. Staff are motivated to hear exactly when and how they have done a good job and equally customer feedback can help identify specific examples of areas they need to work on and develop.