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247Moneybox focus on multi-language collections centre

18 February 2013

247Moneybox.com, a market leading payday lender, has today announced its focus on a multi-language collections centre.

247Moneybox has built a multi-language calling operation, maintaining its collections centre in central London, giving its customers excellent customer service.

The lender is currently in the process overseas expansion but resisting the urge to amputate the commonly severed feature of most companies - its collections centre.

"I do get funny looks when telling people our calling operations are based in central London, especially from the accountants," said Mark Hannay 247Moneybox's Chief Operating Officer.

"The biggest part of this business is interacting with customers, so in that sense a quality service isn't what extra money you can find in it, it's what the customer gets out of it. And I'm proud to say that our customer satisfaction results speak for themselves."

247Moneybox have recently expanded into New Zealand and Canada but with an extension into Europe during the coming months in sight, they have been amassing young graduates who can offer a second language.

Not surprisingly for 247Moneybox, who have invested heavily in technology systems such as a VOIP based call centre and live SMS chat, they state the reason for the move as to make a great experience for the customer.

"It's something we've given attention towards from the very beginning. We've always focused on creating a frictionless, automated service and we were the first to introduce SMS applications to make life easier for our customers."