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247Moneybox target office recycling drive over next 6 months

16 July 2018

The online lender takes sustainability and corporate social responsibility very seriously indeed and is always looking for ways to improve. Over the course of the next 6 months the firm has set itself an ambitious task of reducing its waste by 50%.

Old printers ready for recycling

In addition, it will look to reduce its energy and water consumption as well as improving a number of factors such as air quality. How will go it about this? Well 247Moneybox.com office manager Peter McDermott explains in a memo to the company:

Hi guys,

As you all know 247Moneybox.com towers is a grand and architectural wonder however we may be lacking somewhat when it comes to bleeding edge green technologies in our corporate environment. Without getting too eco-warrior on you all (I reserve the right to do just that in the future!) I want to get you all to think green and think smart. The first step is always the hardest It's a cliché but there is an element of truth in it). Start thinking and your actions will follow and before you know it we're all collectively on a journey to a green and sustainable nirvana. Hurrah.

I am not asking you to make wholesale changes in your office day to day but more to stop and think occasionally of your actions and the impact they could have on the environment. I appreciate that in the middle of a code fest the last thing you want to be thinking about is the number of monitors and devices you have running but my hope is that deliberately pausing and asking yourself if your set up is energy optimal. We all know what Danny and his mining team have been up to and if you want see what energy usage considerations look like when it's one, of if not the major, cost benefit factor, then pop in to the meeting room after they've left and check out the white board.

Just so you know this initiative came from the board and forms part of our company's corporate social responsibility commitments which is another way of saying the big cheeses want it to happen so it's going to happen! I have the honour of being our first recycling champion so whilst I might chew you out for printing one side of the page I will also cheer you to the rafters for your non-disposable coffee cup.

For the sake of completeness, I can tell you that although your behaviour and actions count for a great deal when it comes to being green, there are plenty of high-level decisions that are going to take and indeed have taken. For example, we made the decision:

  • That all senior team members will switch to ink pens with refillable cartridges and all notepads ordered will be made from recycled paper
  • That all note taking to be device led where possible
  • To remove 3 of our older printers for recycling that are not to be replaced, increasing queue times for existing networked printers. Pain in the short-term but long term it may make you think twice about printing.
  • To replace all monitors on the floor and training room with the latest energy efficient screens
  • To increase our live potted plants 5-fold across the floor to improve air quality
  • To introduce a battery recycling centre so that you can bring old batteries in to be recycled

Ok so enough high-level office manager type speak, you need some practical tips to actually get you on your way. Well my team and I have scoured the depths of the Internet and come up with some magnificent and effective hacks hints and tips for your viewing and actioning pleasure. You will see that we've built a small perfectly formed list that will grow over time. Don't be shy if you guys know of some more things we should be doing speak up and help contribute to the green fest.

To access this wonderful guide then just login to the HR and Training area of the staff portal and navigate your way to the recycling symbol. You will also see a "to come" section. You will be thrilled to learn everyone that I have succeeded in my wish to get you all to pass a short test on how to be green! Yes I know, exams aren't the most fun but they are an effective way of making everyone digest the information. We may have good intentions however it is easy to let life swamp you. So I thought a short multiple choice test is the easiest way to test you've read and thought about the guide we have put together. Don't worry there will be plenty of notice must before the test goes up and you are required to complete it. As a bit of a hint as long as you have read our guide front to back then you will be fine. We won't publish results other than letting you know if you have reached the level to demonstrate awareness or not. It's nothing to be anxious about!

Right well that's all from me your new green warrior (that's now on my business cards BTW). Hope you all have a great day and the first person to get back to me with a green, environment saving tip wins a paper straw and a pat on the back!