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247Moneybox.com to go green with a paperless office

13 February 2013

Leading payday lender 247Moneybox, has announced its commitment to becoming a paperless company over 2013. The lender is keen to admit that the term paperless is a mantra or mindset for a new greener and more technologically advanced way of doing business.

247Moneybox has announced the implementation of an environmental initiative. "We are a technology company first and a finance operation second," stated Mark Hannay, 247Moneybox's COO.

"One of the benefits of technology is its ability to reduce the amount of damage we cause to the environment. Decreasing our carbon footprint has become something of an obsession!"

247Moneybox has declared its commitment to becoming a 100% paperless company. Whilst the application process has been paperless since launch of the service in early 2009, the firm has gone one step further reducing the office to one printer! All managers and team leaders have been issued with tablets to use as virtual note pads with shared drives and cloud integration becoming the standard.

"The whole team's got on-board; we've even implemented the smaller things such as buying each employee an individual mug to avoid paper cups, enabling the 'sleep mode' for all computers and switching to compact fluorescent lamps throughout the office".

247Moneybox state that the advances in technology have enabled the financial and business landscapes to change. They say that technology has enabled next-generation finance to become faster, more transparent, more efficient and greener.