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The power of inspiration to create a positive work environment

Online lender 247Moneybox.com is launching an initiative to create a nourishing and positive work place environment. Why? Well it's beyond doubt that when you feel valued, enjoy coming to work and most importantly want to perform for your co‐workers, then good stuff happens. Where did this come from? Well we asked the office manager Simon Jones to elaborate.

"It's always been part of our founding management team's ethos that a business thrives when people are doing more than selling their labour in return for a wage. Being part of a collective, a team building something that you can see growing day by day with other people is what differentiates an ok firm from a great firm."

"Our recruitment has been designed to seek out potential employees that love and find inspiration from working collaboratively rather than endure it. Once you get a group together that want to be together then the creative juices flow, friendly competition fires‐up and a positive feedback loop is initiated."

Be happy at work to be productive

Jones is keen to point out that this is hardly a new phenomenon and indeed is probably the goal of most CEOs when interviewed. However, all the old clichés about treating your staff right leading to excellent customer outcomes are clichés for a reason ‐ they're so true. This is why the company has taken steps to drive this from a lofty ambition to actually happening. How are they doing this?

Back to Jones:

"It's the little things really, that when added up, make the difference. Our COO's desk is on the contact centre floor meaning that he is not some aloof c‐suite suit that breezes in and out but there in the trenches, chewing the fat and listening to problems as and when they crop up.

Another example, is that we take the time to say good morning to each other, not just a cursory nod but a whole 10 minutes of compulsory catch‐up! It sounds corny but it makes people care about their co‐workers, what makes them tick and most importantly provides context. This latter point may help if tension does, for whatever reason, arise. Perhaps someone had a bad night's sleep or is worried about a friend. This may cause them to be snappy. Without the morning catch‐up their colleagues may be unaware and actually compound the issue rather than perhaps giving some slack or even being able to help.

In addition to the above, we encourage staff to listen to their own music wherever we can. Why? Well it's obvious but music can relax, help staff focus and motivate. Ever tried to code whilst listening to uplifting trance? No? Well you should."

The firm also regularly posts inspirational quotes and messages on the company's internal virtual notice board to try and help staff achieve greatness as well as reminders to be open, humble, and kind. The lender makes a point about promoting happiness. It's not rocket science granted but people want to be happy and they want to be inspired. More carrot less stick is probably a more sustainable way of growing a business especially with something as emotive as money lending.

Jones continues:

"Trust, openness and taking the time to give others a boost and inspire them to be better. Every manager has the ability to make more fulfilled staff by increasing their capacity in all facets of their lives. This comes from the top. It is not something that you whack on a poster and forget about, but needs to start with the CEO and COO leading by example." Powerful stuff huh? Well looks like this online lender is only just getting started. Watch this space for more exciting news related to harnessing the awesome power of positive thought.