Retirement Survey and Infographic: Are we underestimating the cost of retirement?

10 June 2016

UK Research from, one of the longest established online payday lenders in the UK, indicates that we are grossly underestimating how much we need to save up in a pension pot to pay for retirement.

  • Respondents underestimated the pension pot size required to generate £17,000 a year income by £108,000
  • 46% of savers prioritise a new car and holiday over saving for a house deposit or building their pension pot
  • Respondents also underestimated the cost of annual residential retirement care by 30%
  • 63% of respondents were not worried about their standard of living when they retire

Mark Hannay, 247Moneybox's COO believes, "saving in these challenging economic times is hard however, what is a little worrying is that it appears people don't realise how much they need to save for when they stop working".

The survey also shows that the respondents also underestimated the costs of residential care. Taken together Hannay believes that today's working age population could be sleep-walking into a crisis.

To see an infographic of the survey results click here.

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Notes to editors:
1. Research conducted during April 2016, from 101 UK adults
2. Other data sourced from Government statistics and desktop research