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247Moneybox.com launches 2016 summer internship scheme

6 July 2016

Every summer the firm opens its doors to 3 interns who will rotate though all the various departments at 247Moneybox. By exposing the second year university undergraduates to the full operations of a fintech business, the firm hopes the interns will get a realistic impression of what UK consumer finance looks like from the "coal face".

Mark Hannay, COO, believes the internship programme gives the students the chance to apply their current theoretical knowledge to real world settings. "Students have a chance to immerse themselves in a fintech operation and gain a unique insight into what this catch all phrase really means".

The firm's internship programmes in the past have been department specific for example in tech and development or finance, however, this year, the firm has decided to put together a more generalist programme in an attempt to identify exceptional individuals who can then express their specialism as they grow and develop later in their careers. Starting in marketing, before moving to operations and collections and finally to strategy and development, the interns will get a holistic understanding of the world of consumer credit.

Hannay continues "It's a great time for the firm having just been upgraded to our full FCA authorisation and we are really excited about the future. Talent identification is key to this vision and therefore, we are looking for motivated positive individuals who want to help drive our business forward." Candidates who want to be part of the scheme should contact the firm. Alternatively check out our Questions page.