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247Moneybox.com thoughts 002: 9 Spring money saving tips

5 May 2017

Spring has sprung and that means summer is on the way. With summer comes some nice but expensive calls on your wallet. These include a new wardrobe of summer clothes, holidays to the beach, bbqs and trips out. This can be costly, however there are some things you can do to help ease the strain.

We've put together some handy tips, tricks and suggestions to make each and every pound go that bit further. Coupled together with some ways of raising extra cash, that might make the difference between a good summer and a great summer.

saving money tips

Check out our Spring money saving tips:

1. Cash back sites

Check out the websites which offer you the chance to pay you for doing things like filling in surveys or rating products. This could get you a few extra quid every month. Staying with the theme of cash back, remember many banks or credit card providers offer cashback or points or rewards that can be exchanged for key stuff, like shopping vouchers, days out and flights.

2. Go green

Money saving tips also include going green on many aspects at home. Simply switching off lights and using the washing machine at a lower heating setting not only will you save yourself money every year but also reduce your carbon footprint. Check out the WWF page for more great info on saving money and saving the environment worldwildlife.org.

3. Shop value

If you are wedded to your current supermarket why not ditch the ready meals and buy the base ingredients? This way you can save cash and be healthy as you know exactly what's in there. However, do make sure you check out the discount supermarkets which have cropped up recently as there are some big savings to be had. Don't automatically associate them with an inferior product as many are now winning blind taste tests! The existing supermarket brands are hitting back though as some major chains now offer customers the ability to choose their weekly shopping without being subjected to the overt special offers and advertising. Also, many sites have a cheaper option button which allows you to get a cheaper alternative to an expensive brand.

Shopping online will allow you to choose the food you actually need. By not being in-store you won't be under any strain from influential advertising or be swayed by an atmosphere that encourages you to buy more. By buying online you're more likely to keep to what you need to buy and less likely to pick up those special treats, keeping your overall bill down. One downside would be the delivery fees; these are usually around £5 from the major supermarkets, however many now offer yearly passes which are significantly cheaper, rewarding you for your loyalty.

4. Budget

A budget is a plan you put down to determine how you will spend your money or income each pay cycle. A budget can help you ensure you have sufficient cash to last the entire month or indeed until the next pay cycle. Without a budget, you might under or overestimate your income and expenditure. A budget can assist in deciding what you must spend your money on, if you can spend less money on some things and more money on other things. For example, your budget might show that you spend £100 on clothes every month. You might decide you can spend £50 on clothes. You can use the rest of the money to pay bills or to save. For more information this website has some useful hints and tips.

5. Monetise your junk

Clean your house out and collect all found coinage, you would be surprised by how much is lurking in the deepest darkest corners or behind sofas. Sell old mobile phones and other dated electronic gadgets. There are plenty of websites and firms offering to buy them off you. Make sure you wring every last penny out of that has-been phone you have lying about!

6. Return items

We have all been there. Looked great in the shop but terrible once you get home! If you have bought an item but don't intend to use it, return it and get the refund or at least a credit note. An obvious one granted but so much is lost from having goods doing nothing but collecting dust in the home.

7. Renegotiate key bills

You could be paying a rolling standard tariff so it may pay to renegotiate your gas, electricity and water bills. This could be done through a price comparison website. What is ideal is to get a deal suited to the type of customer you are. Do you use your utilities 24/7 or only at specific times, for instance on/off peak times? This could save you money every month. The same could be done to ensure you are paying the cheapest amount for your car, home, or life insurance.

compare the market to save money

Phone bills are a big money drain with many customers paying for data and call minutes they never use. The first thing you must do is work out the type of user you are and try and build a phone profile. Do you use your landline a lot or your mobile? What do you use your mobile for? Do you mainly use it for data, texts or calls? When you know what kind of user you are then it's time to get a tariff and phone line which is adapted to you. In particular, it may also be useful to find out what numbers you regularly call, do you call other mobiles or landlines? From this the best idea would be to go to a price comparison website and compare the main phone companies, often these comparison websites allow you to put in personal information about how many calls you make a week and to what phones, this will ensure you can get the right service for you. If you rarely use your phone, perhaps you have one for the internet or to receive calls, then it might be time you thought about getting the lowest rate possible for you.

8. Start a blog!

Simple to do and doesn't require you to be the next savvy cultural commentator, with a blog you can charge for advertising which will bring in a nice little income flow. You may choose to review a product or service which the companies in question may send to you for free or offer you some payment in kind e.g. a credit note for their goods and services. Either way blogging can be done from home in the hours to suit your routine.

9. Donate your time

Sometimes companies will pay you for your time. This could be for medical trials or there are websites out there that pay you to take surveys or to vote in a poll. If time is not something you have you can sell something such as your hair to make a wig! Examples such as this may not have cost you much or indeed anything but if someone is prepared to pay you for it then why not! You can help others and also receive a sizeable monetary reward.


So as you can see they are plenty of ways to save up for those summer expenses be that generating a little extra cash or saving money making those pennies go that little bit further. Whilst the above is helpful it may not be the sole solution to any short-term cash needs. Check out our page on payday loans for more information. Remember to borrow responsibly as we will ensure to lend responsibly.