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Marginal gains in consumer credit

2 October 2015

Short-term consumer finance operation 247Moneybox.com, is applying a marginal gains philosophy to its processing environment.

The idea behind marginal gains is improve in a number of different areas which on their own may not have that much of an impact but when taken collectively can add up to a significant increase in performance. In common with a number of high performance sports teams, such as the British cycle team, the payday lender hopes to see a marked improvement over time which will ultimately translate into better consumer outcomes.

Examples of the approach are numerous however Ahsan Ahmed, operations Manager at 247Moneybox.com provides some examples: "We ensure that each agent selects their own screen savers, colour and font themes, as well as mouse pointer speed for their online profile. That way when they are hot-desking around the contact centre they feel at home with their set-up right from the start."

Further trials will include agents using solutions so the firm can analyse what they are looking at on-screen and across their monitor set-up. This can help the company re-design online processes to make them more efficient. This could be eliminating unnecessary clicks, for example, or minimising distance between buttons.

Mark Hannay 247Moneybox.com COO believes that "the approach can be extended from our staff to our customers. In the future we would like to have a customer's favourite song as their own individual hold music. This could be discovered by analysing their online profile for example."

Overall the firm believes this new strategy fits in with their customer centric approach to consumer credit.