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New year, new career with 247Moneybox.com

2 February 2016

247Moneybox, the online UK payday loan company, is looking for exceptional talent to grow its team as it ramps up growth for 2016.

The lender which is based in central London, has been continually evolving and adapting its in-house loan management system and risk engine to make maximum use of technology in the short-term lending arena.

Mark Hannay COO states "We're looking for passionate and ready-to-learn types that love a challenge. We're recruiting across every department from online marketing and SEO to product and development teams."

The firm is currently sponsoring a number of the finance team through their accountancy qualifications and is looking to get some of its business development and managerial team onto part-time and executive MBAs over the course of 2016. The lender is also looking at promoting internally developed courses where knowledge and best practice can be shared amongst existing employees. With almost seven years of trading history woven into the fabric, the firm recognises its most valuable asset is its people or human capital. The old maxim: "what happens if we train someone up who leaves versus what happens if we don't train them and they stay", is certainly true.

Hannay is adamant that any firm that holds itself up as a fintech outfit must recruit the best talent. "We are working with some of the top universities in the country to attract and train the pinnacle of graduate and post-doc talent. Anyone looking to challenge the norm in the world of mobile banking and thinks they have what it takes should get in touch, we would love to hear from them!".