247Moneybox.com to trial new social offset programme to encourage service in the community

1 June 2015

247Moneybox.com, one of the UK's leading payday lenders, is looking to trial a new scheme which encourages customers to do something good in their community.

Mark Hannay, 247Moneybox.com's COO, believes in creating a fortuitous circle of goodwill that starts with the firm and is passed on to customers and out to the community. For example, the company could send flowers on a customer's birthday, the customer in turn could then organise a litter pick in their local park. Those that attended the litter pick would be encouraged to pass on the goodwill and so on and so forth. "It's really like creating a goodwill multiplier which hopefully ripples out from us here at 247Moneybox.com".

The firm is looking for people to volunteer in lots of different ways, the more creative and the more people that can benefit the better.

"It could be a variety of gestures of goodwill, from shovelling snow, to volunteering in a local homeless shelter, to picking up shopping for an elderly neighbour" Hannay says.

247Moneybox.com state that the aim of volunteering is to inspire people to contribute to the society they are a part of and create some lasting relationships that they otherwise may not have known.

"We know that payday lenders have not always had the best reputation and sometimes justifiably so. We wanted to show that we could come up with some alternative ideas to try and change people's perception of alternative credit. In fact, I think this idea shouldn't just be adopted in the payday lending space but all lenders through to the high-street banks." Hannay says.