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Total amount of credit £80, duration of the agreement 29 days, rate of interest 292% per annum (fixed), total amount payable (in one repayment) £98.56. Representative 1281.8% APR.

30 January 2013 - 247Moneybox.com increases its commitment to Responsible Lending Principles and launches new video

7 February 2013 - 247Moneybox become the first payday lender to launch a self-exclusion service

13 February 2013 - 247Moneybox go green with a paperless office

18 February 2013 - 247Moneybox focus on multi-language collections centre

9 April 2013 - 247Moneybox announced as finalists in the Credit Today Awards 2013

21 November 2014 - 247Moneybox.com ranks 12th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50

10 December 2014 - 247Moneybox.com introduce mindfulness sessions for employees

14 May 2015 - 247Moneybox.com launch summer internship scheme

1 June 2015 - 247Moneybox.com to trial new social offset programme to encourage service in the community

2 July 2015 - Short-term lender 247Moneybox.com - gaming for credit

3 August 2015 - 247Moneybox.com Looks To Social Media To Assess Loan Applicants

9 September 2015 - 247Moneybox.com pioneering new marketing strategies

2 October 2015 - Marginal gains in consumer credit

3 November 2015 - 247Moneybox launches regular customer interaction forum

4 December 2015 - Jargon Busting from 247Moneybox.com

4 January 2016 - Payday lender 247Moneybox.com Planning to Launch Interactive Budget Planner

2 February 2016 - New year, new career with 247Moneybox

22 February 2016 - Active Securities secures full FCA authorisation

3 April 2016 - Active Securities named as a finalist for the 2016 Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award for the second time

5 May 2016 - 5 Minute interview with 247Moneybox COO

2 June 2016 - Customer engagement at 247Moneybox

10 June 2016 - Retirement Survey and Infographic: Are we underestimating the cost of retirement?

6 July 2016 - 247Moneybox.com launches 2016 summer internship scheme

3 August 2016 - 5 minute interview with 247Moneybox marketing manager

6 September 2016 - 247Moneybox thoughts 001: The cost of going back to school

3 October 2016 - Cost of living infographic: Are we paying more to live in the UK?

2 November 2016 - Cybercrime infographic: Stay safe online

2 December 2016 - Christmas spending: Households under pressure

4 January 2017 - The rise of the data artist

3 February 2017 - New year new goals: How to accomplish your New Year's resolutions

6 April 2017 - The bank of friends: 7 tips to avoid the pitfalls

5 May 2017 - 247Moneybox thoughts 002: 9 Spring money saving tips

7 June 2017 - The threat of Ransomware

5 July 2017 - Biometric passwords and online payday lenders

9 August 2017 - 247Moneybox.com launch summer 2017 internship

8 September 2017 - 247Moneybox hits 1380 customer reviews

9 October 2017 - Payday loan myth busting

6 November 2017 - 247Moneybox thoughts 003: The new workplace environment

8 December 2017 - Christmas survey and infographic: Are we overspending?

24 January 2018 - 247Moneybox thoughts 004: Identity theft

18 February 2018 - Financial wellbeing and fitness

23 March 2018 - Passwords, PINs and biometrics

5 April 2018 - 247Moneybox thoughts 005: Social media and oversharing

11 May 2018 - Exploring the world of Faster Payments

7 June 2018 - 247Moneybox.com launch further employee wellbeing programmes

16 July 2018 - 247Moneybox.com target an office recycling drive

9 August 2018 - Rising back to school costs hit UK parents in the pocket

14 September 2018 - 247Moneybox thoughts 006: shifting working patterns and practices

9 October 2018 - The power of inspiration to create a positive work environment

9 November 2018 - Budget 2018: Government to explore interest free loans

11 December 2018 - The cost of Christmas: Trees and decorations

4 January 2019 - Annual Artificial Intelligence conference. Are jobs under threat?

12 February 2019 - Friday lunchtime seminar: Goal setting and achieving

15 March 2019 - The rise of cyber-crime in the UK

23 April 2019 - Teaching personal finance to school age children

8 May 2019 - The influence of reviews on a consumer's decision-making process

20 June 2019 - The FCA shakes up overdraft market: our thoughts

15 July 2019 - 247Moneybox thoughts 007: the side hustle

20 August 2019 - UK bankruptcy at record levels: our thoughts

26 September 2019 - 247Moneybox thoughts 008: Millennials falling prey to scams

22 October 2019 - Sleep, money and wellbeing: our thoughts

Media enquiries

Above you can see our company news, articles and press releases. If you're a journalist feel free to get in touch with our PR team. They love nothing more than nattering on about what makes us great, answering any questions and researching stats for anything connected to personal finance. Drop them an email press@247moneybox.com or if you're just browsing and would like to know a little bit more about us and what makes us tick, have a look at some FAQs below.

What's your aim?

247Moneybox was founded in London in 2009, as it became increasingly obvious that banks were perhaps not meeting the needs of their customers. As the way we lived our lives changed the credit products that our banks were offering seemed to us to stay rigidly the same. The fallout from the global banking crisis meant that actually getting hold of one of these few forms of finance was becoming increasingly difficult. The language at the time was about conservative lending and reducing risk, however what transpired was more about blanket exclusion - not always based on sound fundamentals. The phrase baby and bathwater springs to mind.

Within that excluded swathe of the population were perfectly acceptable applicants. In 2010 research group Datamonitor estimated this non-standard segment of the UK population was just under 7 million rising to over 8 million by 2014. Going forward, we see this growing to over 12 million in the coming years. Assessed a different way these applicants displayed all the hallmarks of responsible borrowers who with the right credit product to fit their needs would be able to comfortably afford to service their borrowings.

247Moneybox is 100% online. We assess applicants digitally without any preconceptions or prejudice that face to face meetings can sometimes create. We believe in operating with integrity in a fair, open and honest manner. Our intentions are aligned with our customers as making the wrong lending decisions does not benefit anyone.

What has data and technology got to do with lending?

Our founding management team are all self-confessed geeks, passionate about technology and how it can make things work in the simplest most straightforward way. The founders are mainly from a fintech background and have been involved in consumer finance since the early 2000s. Some have even worked in banks (although we keep that quiet).

A 'one size fits all' model adopted by some more traditional credit providers can be frustrating. Applying traditional underwriting techniques to short-term consumer credit is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut - it's the wrong tool.

The technology driving 247Moneybox's decision engine takes more than just a credit score into account, and is able to provide cash loans to customers under appreciated by traditional underwriting methods without increasing risk. Our technology is the main driving factor behind this commitment. It allows us to efficiently conduct applicant profiling, not only taking a credit score into account, but also other alternative data sources, be it on-site behavioural and digital footprint analytics or looking into an applicant's social media feeds. The decision engine leverages thousands of pieces of data, enabling us to make accurate credit decisions in minutes.

This is important, because it ties into our unwavering commitment to responsible lending. Making the right lending decisions is in everyone's best interest and we want to harness technology to enable us to do this.

There has been a lot of negative press about payday loans, how do you lend responsibly?

247Moneybox is committed to lending responsibly at all times. For more information please see our Responsible Lending Principles.

We acknowledge that, in the past, some practices in the industry haven't been up to the standards they should be. However we welcome the changes the regulator has brought in ensuring that the market works better for everyone. We are totally committed to putting the customer at the heart of our business. Lending money is a sensitive subject and lots of people have different opinions on the ethics of charging interest versus providing a social need. We think that credit, provided and consumed responsibly is a tool for good, however we think that any practice taken to excess is going to be harmful. This applies to governments, corporations and individuals. We are keen for the industry to be recognised as an important component of the multi trillion pound consumer credit industry and that alternative lending is here to stay.