Landing that dream job is not down to luck but skill


Anthony Berry

Working is a key part of life for most adults. While some work to earn a living, others are driven by their interests and passions as well as desire to make a difference. However, sometimes finding the job of your dreams can seemingly be an uphill battle. You may find that you're applying for several jobs and doing a series of interviews but to no avail. There are, however, key things that you can do to increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams. Many of these things are practical and while some require you to spend a little money, none will require that you spend outside of your means or resort to online loans to pass the interview with flying colours. On that note, you're going to find several tips on landing the job of your dreams in the following guide.

Do your research

When looking to land the job of your dreams, one of the first things that you should do is research. It is imperative that you know exactly what it is that you need to land the perfect job. You can do this by looking at leading people in the industry that you want to go into and observing their career paths. This will give you a good indication of what you may need to do to get into a similar role. If for instance, you want to land a job as a manager of a pharmacy, looking at the managers of some of your favourite companies and reading their story might help. In addition, you can do things the traditional way which is simply looking for jobs and closely following the required skills and experience to see what aspects of yourself you may need to work on.

Improve your CV

Once you've done your research, the next step is to work on improving your CV. There are always ways that you can make it better such as by proofreading and checking for grammatical mistakes, updating your work experience, and ensuring you've included your core skills and added qualifications. It is also important that you tailor your CV to the job that you're applying for so that you look like a great fit for the role. It may also be useful to know that there are career advisers that you can consult to help with your CV. Additionally, you could get a friend to review it and give you adequate feedback. If you have a friend who already happens to have a similar role to the one you're applying for, see if they can also review it as they probably have more insight into what the employer will be looking for.

Classifieds and applying for jobs

Look the part

You've likely heard this over and over again, but looking the part is essential when trying to land the job of your dreams. First impressions count, so it's key that you're dressed appropriately as well as carrying the confidence you need to impress your interviewer. Some tips for looking the part include buying the right clothes and looking presentable. If you don't have enough formal clothing in your wardrobe it may be time to go shopping and restock your closet with ones suitable for interviews. You can get tons of affordable clothes in sales or online, or perhaps consider an upscale second-hand shop. If you shop strategically, you shouldn't need online loans to do this, however, in the case that you don't have enough and have an upcoming interview, a short loan may be a good idea. Whatever the case, always be ready and have a good suit and a nice pair of shoes on standby in case you need it.

Interview fashion tips

  • Dress neutral
  • Clean your shoes
  • Iron your shirt / blouse
  • Sensible hair style
  • Brush your teeth

Prepare for interviews

In addition to looking the part, it is essential that you prepare for interviews in other ways as well. There are several ways that you can do this and most include being knowledgeable regarding the company that you've applied to as well as being prepared to answer questions relating to the advertised role. Depending on the job that you've applied for, the interview process typically varies. However, it is likely that they're going to ask you about yourself as well as what makes you suited for the role. Try not to give textbook answers, remember to always be confident, and focus on the things that will likely make you stand out from all other candidates. By doing so, you probably stand a better chance at impressing prospective employers. It should also help you feel more confident knowing that you have what it takes and are competent enough to ace the interview.

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Get good at writing cover letters

When applying for a job, cover letters are just as important as your CV. They show that you're willing to make an extra effort to prove your suitability for the role. For this reason, you should try to improve your cover letter writing skills so that they capture the employers' attention. You can do this by looking up examples of cover letters online and using the structures and templates that are often freely provided. Some tips for writing a winning cover letter include not writing the same things that you have in your CV, talking about what you can do for the company, showcasing your skills, not apologizing for skills you may not have, highlighting the right experiences and using storytelling. By doing these things, you could increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams.


The reality is that while some people land the job of their dreams by sheer luck, others are able to network their way to their dream job. For this reason, you should make it your prerogative to network. This is often far more effective than sitting around and waiting for someone to hire you or sulking because you can't seem to find what you want. Networking is a proactive way of finding people in your industry who can lead you to the sort of job you're hoping to get. Some places you can network include at industry events, seminars, conferences, or at fairs. You should come prepared with business cards, confidence, and be as authentic as possible. Some key networking tips that you should think about include allowing other people to talk, giving before you ask for favours, being as authentic as possible, not selling or marketing yourself, and focusing on relationship building as opposed to trying to get favours out of people. You should also remember to follow-up by sending texts during holidays or birthdays and offering help where you may be in the position to. Just remember that the larger your network is, the more likely that you are to find a few people who can refer you and help you land the right job.

Be confident and smile at your interview

Improve yourself

In addition to the aforementioned, another way to land the job of your dreams is by improving your skills. Put yourself in the shoes of an employer and think about what they would want. Most likely, it would be someone who can add immense value to their company and leave it better than they found it. In light of this, think about things you can do to make yourself a stellar employer. As mentioned in the research section, find out what employers are looking for and how you can ensure you meet that criteria. Below you're going to find a few tips on ways to improve your skills.

Sometimes, what's standing in the way of you getting your dream job is an added qualification. It could be a three-week course or a three-month course that's required to give you the competitive edge that you need. You should therefore look for short courses in your area or qualifications that could make you look more knowledgeable and professional. If it's somewhat affordable, consider paying for it and using online loans to foot the bill for any overdue bills in the interim. You should find that this improves your chances of getting the job you desire and places you a notch above the competition.

Although it can be frustrating, sometimes what's keeping you from landing that job is simply not having enough experience. You should, therefore think about working in a job that's related to what you want to do or getting one at a lower level so you can gain relevant experience. You may find that those types of jobs are easier to get and you can work there for a period of time before trying to apply for a higher level or position again. When looking for work experience, it may also be a good idea to check within your network as you never know who is in need of an employee and people often prefer word of mouth referrals.

Another way that you can improve your skills and make yourself more employable is by getting extra qualifications. Do a little research and find out what key qualifications people usually have. This might mean that you have to go to university just to do a top up course that will make you more attractive to employers. You may either decide to go for another full degree or opt for higher education depending on what is required. If you have the patience and are ready to go back into education, it definitely isn't such a bad idea.

When trying to land your ideal job, shadowing an expert is another good idea. Who better to learn from about the industry you want to go into than someone who has years of experience? Consider reaching out to experts in your field and asking whether you can work under them, offer any free services, or learn from them in any way. You'd be surprised at how much wisdom (as well as help) they're willing to offer if you approach them in the right way, show your eagerness to learn and also show your ability to add value. You may also be lucky enough to network with them and get a referral for the kind of job you're looking for.

Similar to the idea of shadowing an expert, working as an intern is another way to improve your skills and make yourself much more employable. There are several companies out there that are looking for serious interns in exchange for sharing valuable knowledge and giving key experience in return. Sometimes, the thought of working as an intern can be off-putting because of the fact that there is usually little or no pay. However, if you put your best foot forward and think about what you stand to gain as well as target key companies that will make your CV look impressive, it should make a significant difference. As with job searches, you can usually find internships online, but there's no harm in contacting a company directly and asking if they're in need of an intern. The idea should be to try different things until you have a good level of skills and experience.

Look out for free courses

Although many times courses and added qualifications may cost you, this isn't always the case. Sometimes you can find useful courses that you can take for free. For this reason, it's important that you always keep your eyes and ears open and pay attention to any opportunities that you may see. A simple search online for free courses should do the trick and you could find something that is valuable to you. It is something you should consider as it could eliminate the need for online loans and spending money you may not have.


Landing the job of your dreams is something that often takes a little while, although some people are able to get it on the first try. However, as mentioned above in the interim, look for ways to develop yourself and improve your skills so that you appear more employable even if it means having to take out online loans to get ahead. It's important that you're well-prepared, patient and that, most importantly, you don't give up as most times, persistence wins the battle.

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