Free weekend fun that will keep your wallet happy!


Gordon Martin

When the weekend finally arrives and you want to have some well-deserved fun, do you often find that your budget does not allow for expensive weekend trips or costly activities? Making plans that don't require dipping into your savings may sound difficult, however, it doesn't have to be! Keep reading for some weekend inspiration that guarantees fun without making you break the bank!

Activities to do at home

There are plenty of fun things to do without having to take out payday loans to fund your weekend activities (or even having to leave your home). By going online, you will be able to access a whole world of resources that you can use, such as free online classes, instructional videos, and insightful blogs. For example, instead of going to an expensive yoga or pilates class, try following some of the free online video tutorials and get active without having to leave your house. Or have a creative weekend by teaching yourself a new skill like drawing, knitting or origami. Even if you want to learn a new language or refresh some of your vocabulary from back in the day, you are sure to find all you need with one quick search on the internet.

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Other skills that you can learn online for free

  • Playing chess
  • Photography
  • Cooking
  • Meditation
  • Sewing
  • Self-defence

You can also make time on the weekends to work on a project you have been wanting to start for a long time, but never got around to because there were other things getting in your way. For example, going through your old photographs will not only bring back great memories, but also allows you to create photo albums to store these memories in a more meaningful way. Start writing that book or blog you always think about or fengshui your furniture in a way that makes you and your wallet happy. Simply getting started on such projects will make you feel positive and accomplished, without having to spend any money.

Affordable fun for children

If you have children to entertain but do not want to spend a small fortune on expensive entrance fees or tickets, here are some free activities that will keep both your children and wallet happy.

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For rainy days spent at home, get out a deck of cards or a board game. You can even get creative and change the rules of games that you already have or take it a step further and invent your own game from scratch.

Are your walls looking a bit empty? Gather together all your crafting supplies and get to work on an art project. You can use unusual or unused objects and make them into a unique piece of art. Another hands-on activity is to carry out science experiments at home in your kitchen, with precaution, using things you find around the house. Or learn something new with your kids - all you need is a book, video or podcast about something you are interested in to become each other's teacher.

If you want to spend a day out of the house with your family, many museums, galleries and libraries put on events that are geared towards children, where they can try new things, make new friends and learn about history and other cultures. Such events may not take place every weekend, but museums are still great places for children to hang out, allowing them to gain knowledge without having to spend any money.

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Have you exhausted all the books on your child's shelf and are getting bored of reading the same thing repeatedly? Take a trip to your local library together and let them choose new and exciting books to read. There is not only an extensive collection of books, but also CDs and DVDs that you can borrow for a film night at home, a great (and much cheaper) alternative to going to the cinema.

Children see the world in a different way to adults. Visit a park you have never been to before or go for a walk in a nearby forest to let them explore and play and you will spend quality time with your family whilst discovering a world that you have not experienced since you yourself were a child. Exploring together is a great way to bond, and by giving them time to play outside, will make them appreciate nature.

Getting out of the house

Prefer to see something other than the four walls that you inhabit? There are plenty of free places to visit and things to do, no matter where you are. Pretend to be a tourist and visit all the famous places and attractions in your area that you have been taking for granted. On weekdays you are probably busy running errands and rushing from one appointment to the next. Taking a stroll around your neighbourhood on the weekend gives you the time to be more mindful of your surroundings and discover new places you might not have never noticed before.

Browse through notice boards and event schedules in your community. There are often offers for free evening classes or talks and lectures that you can attend, providing you with the advantage of attaining new knowledge and skills as well as meeting new people within your community. Sports and health clubs, community halls and places like yoga studios sometimes have taster session that you can attend for free, giving you a chance to try out different activities without having to commit to a membership.

During the warmer months, keep an eye out for free open-air concerts, theatre performances and festivals open to the public. These are a great way to enjoy time with family and friends, connect with your community and meet new people. Or attend a local sporting event like a marathon or boat race to support and cheer on the athletes. You may even get inspired to pick up a new hobby.

A fulfilling and compassionate approach to having fun is to volunteer and help others, bringing joy to both your and their weekends. There are always people in need of help, so why not go to your local homeless shelter or nursing home to give some of your time to those who need it. Simple things like helping to serve food or having a conversation can make a big difference to someone's day, and it will be a rewarding experience for you.

If you want to go outside and spend some time in nature, there are endless possibilities around the country, even if you live in a city. Take advantage of the extensive coastline and make a day trip to the beach. Fun fact: there is a beach within two hours of every location in the UK. If it's too cold for a swim, you can still enjoy peaceful walks along the coastline at any time of the year. Natural wonders and beautiful coastlines can be found across Britain and make for fascinating destinations. Depending on where you live, you may have to take a train or bus to reach your destination, but you can get deals for very affordable tickets if you keep an eye out for offers.

To remain within your local area, visit one of the country's beautiful parks. Whether you live in the city or out in the countryside you are bound to find a local park nearby. Take your dog for a walk, go on a run, have a picnic, read a book or just take some time to relax with your friends. Bigger parks often house a wide variety of trees and flowers to admire, with some even being home to a range of animal inhabitants.

National museums across Britain provide free access to the public, providing hours of entertainment without having to pay a single penny. No matter what you want to learn about (whether it is history, art or science) you can find a museum or gallery that will spark your interest.

If you want to admire some beautiful architecture, pay a visit to some of the country's lesser known churches, which are often unexpectedly spectacular. When you visit any historical building, remember to always look up! The ceilings of many churches, parliament buildings and cathedrals are feats of art on their own.

Britain has a very long and rich history, which means that you are never too far away from historic buildings and sites. If you are in your home town or visiting a new city, try learning about the place's history by going on a guided walk or planning a tour for yourself. There are lots of free guided walking tours that you can find using a brief online search.

Want to get active on your days off? All across the country there are great trails and roads for cycling, no matter your experience level. Or instead of cycling choose to go for a hike to enjoy views across the surrounding landscapes and learn more about this beautiful country.


Having fun should not entail having to compare payday lenders to find a way to finance your weekend. Whether you are in the mood to stay at home, go on a little adventure, or spend time with your children, you can still have fun on the weekend with little to no cost. Staying local and being creative about how to spend your time can be as much fun as the more expensive alternatives.

It pays off to look around and try new things, and the money you would usually spend on the weekends can be put towards saving for more expensive trips or activities in the future, as opposed to paying off online loans.