DIY can be a great way to save cash and have fun at the same time


Nicola Arnold

If you are interested in saving some extra money around the home you may be interested to know that there are some great DIY projects that you can take on that can cut down your household costs. By tackling some of the easier maintenance tasks around the home, you could reduce the cost of using expensive plumbers, electricians and general builders. There are also savings to be had if you can up-cycle or recycle your old junk as well as find novel uses for your existing stuff. This guide aims to explain some of the best DIY ways that you can start saving cash around the home.

Starting a garden project

Growing your own food can be a wonderful way for you to cut down on a major expense, whilst boosting the amount of fruit and veg that you consume. Growing your own fresh produce can be just the start of saving money with a DIY market garden. You can order seeds in bulk online or pick them up at your local garden centre. By following the advice of other gardeners and tending to the green space around your home, you can achieve a beautiful garden that could actually contribute significantly to your weekly shop.

You'd be surprised at the items that you could grow in your back garden including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, potatoes and more. Almost any of the produce that you would pick up at your local supermarket can be grown with a little bit of extra effort. Depending on the seasons you could also consider expanding your gardening project to include a greenhouse. Introducing a small greenhouse can increase your growing season and adding an aquaponics pond could give you a small ecosystem that not only supports the healthy growth of plants, but an ecosystem that can support growing fish varieties like tilapia. This market garden approach can, over time, produce herbs, edible plants, fruit and veg and more which can give you an enormous sense of achievement and wellbeing.

Planting a cactus in a pot

Studying car maintenance

There are a variety of resources available online that can guide you through easy car maintenance tasks. You might be surprised at just how easy some of the tasks actually are. For example, once you know how, it is quite straightforward to change and rotate your tires every season or perform activities like an oil change. Save on the labour costs that you would typically pay a mechanic and spend the cash only on parts. If you're typically spending around 40 quid for an oil change for example, you could spend less than half that price and perform the whole oil change in your driveway with a new filter, new oil and very basic tools. Being able to carry out simple maintenance tasks can really help to cut down on a lot of the expenses associated with your vehicle. Even if you don't have much in the way of tools you could consider using a tool rental firm.

Easy car maintenance jobs:

  • Oil and oil filter
  • Windscreen wiper blades
  • Air filter
  • Battery connection
  • Spark plugs

Re-purpose items within your home

There is so much waste in today's society. If more homeowners were willing to learn about how to re-use and re-purpose items, they could save some serious cash. There is a use for a variety of junk within your home and by learning how to re-purpose and re-use items, it's possible that you can reduce the amount of junk that you have to get rid of. In addition you can become far less reliant on having to re-purchase to replace the old. Start by reusing even small items like restaurant napkins or by melting together the old slithers of soap. It can all add up. Why not check containers with dispensers before throwing them away. Items like hand soap and moisturiser can often leave unused product at the bottom of the container. Something as simple as this can save you cash in the long run.

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Re-purpose items within your home

More great tips

More tips to help you DIY to save cash. Check out these ideas:

Items like vinegar, baking soda and essential oils can all be excellent additions to your own home cleaning products. Rather than purchasing cleaning supplies you could take an afternoon and start creating some of your own DIY window cleaner, furniture polish and even bathroom cleaner. By being able to create some of these cleaning products out of regular household items you can save a bundle every month. Look up some of the recipes for home cleaning supplies online.

There are a number of maintenance tasks which can extend the life of your household appliances. Learning how you can clean out your dishwasher filter for example, can lead to greater efficiency and prolong the lifespan. Regularly cleaning your oven can also lead to greater efficiency and better tasting food. If you can learn some basic plumbing tasks, such as fixing a leaking tap or unblocking a loo, you may be able to prevent calling a costly plumber. Removing extra ice from your freezer can lead to a reduction in freezer burn and make it more efficient. These are all small tasks to roll into your regular home maintenance checks that will help keep your budget on track. However, make sure to get a professional involved, where ever there is gas or electricity involved.

If you ever find yourself in need of an exterminator, you could try and tackle the issue yourself to save cash. There are a number of infestations and threats that can be dealt with using just a few household products. If you are willing to face the extermination task head on you could potentially save a bundle by choosing to use your own products over a professional exterminator. Check out some of the resources online for DIY extermination of fruit flies, roaches, wasps, ants and many other pests.

If you aren't super confident in the kitchen or you regularly buy frozen foods, you might instead want to consider the idea of a cooking lesson or two! Preparing large meals in advance and then freezing them for use throughout the week can save you a bundle as well as being better for your health. In addition, cooking in bulk is more cost effective per serving. With a stack of home cooked meals in the freezer ready for your use, you can have fresh and healthy meals for a price that is considerably lower than what you would pay for a take-away. Discovering some low cost recipes will really help you find some great ideas for feeding your family for less. It can take a bit of practice but when you start to cook more and consume less convenience food, you can really save some serious cash.

Homebrewing is a great way that you can save money on booze and enjoy quality beer at home. With some fairly minimal materials, some time investment and some patience, you can brew excellent beer at home. The best part is that once you have the materials it takes just a few batches of brewing before you start to save money on the cost of buying beer at retail prices.

Bust those drafts and save on your heating bill. Taking on tasks like using spray foam insulation where there are drafts around your home, covering your windows or even installing a smart thermostat can all lead to energy savings over time.

Improving energy efficiency

A few quick maintenance tasks and regularly unplugging appliances when they are not in use can continue to make a considerable difference in the energy consumption for your home. As well as adopting some of these new habits, you could also consider swapping all of your current lighting in favour of the latest in efficient LED lighting. If you are currently using incandescent lighting switching over to these types of light bulbs could reduce your energy consumption and lighting to less than half of what you were using before.

Bleed a radiator

Avoid calling a plumber when your radiator is cold at the top but warm at the bottom. To bleed it, turn your heating off, and using the key let the air out by opening the vent. Once water appears, tighten the valve back up again. Once the job is finished, you can turn the heating back on.


These are just a few top DIY tasks that you can take on to save money in your day-to-day life. If you have some extra time for a new hobby or for helping your budget stretch further, these are a few great solutions to help you!

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