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If you have plans to attend an upcoming wedding and you want to make sure that you can get something thoughtful, personal and also quite inexpensive, there are a number of great options that you might consider. Value and worth is in the eye of the beholder and a great gift doesn't necessarily have to break the bank. Getting someone the perfect wedding gift often takes real thought but check out some of the best ideas we can come up with for gifts below. Get your thinking cap on and have faith that you can find a clever wedding gift that will really stand out amongst the crowd and save you money. Here are some of the top inexpensive and clever wedding gifts that you may want to pick up for the next wedding you are invited to.

Framed copy of wedding invitations

Using your wedding invitation or other materials from the wedding in your gift can actually be a wonderful sentiment. It's surprising how many couples actually don't have access to their wedding invitations after they send them out. It's not too often that a wedding invitation gets made into a craft or preserved for the couple. Seeing as the couple likely spent an extensive amount of time designing their wedding invitation, approving it and then sending it out they may really appreciate the idea of somebody framing and preserving all of their hard work. That way they can look back on it as a nice memento from their wedding day.

Name art

Art made using the names of the couple can be a beautiful way to show their new union and have some fresh new art that they can hang up within their home. Buying Scrabble tiles and getting a little bit creative with some paints could be a great way that you could even bring the cost of this clever and very personal gift down even further. You can piece together a variety of fun items from their hobbies and even some of their favourite art styles to create a very personal piece that will be a celebration of their story.

Wedding gifts wrapped with a bow

Top wedding songs

What are the top tunes that couples choose to get hitched to?

  • Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud
  • Etta James, At Last
  • ohn Legend, All of Me
  • Lonestar, Amazed
  • Jack Johnsosn, Better Together
  • The Beatles, All you need is love
  • Christina Perri, A Thousand Years

Custom dinner or glassware

Many couples move into a brand-new home or space very shortly after they get married. Getting a set of custom designed mugs or glassware with their names on them can be a very thoughtful wedding gift, one that is extremely personal. You can even consider painting up some of these mugs with your own handwriting and sealing them yourself. These types of gifts are very thoughtful and they are a great way that you can share a message or even create a very personal piece of glassware for a new home or to celebrate a new union!

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Dinner packages

One of the greatest reliefs when coming home from the honeymoon is being able to simply enjoy one another's company and not have to worry about the prospect of grocery shopping and a variety of other tasks. After the stress and planning involved in a wedding if you were to stock the newly-wed's fridge or even cook them a few meals for enjoying their time together after the honeymoon, this can represent a huge help for a new couple. Filling up their fridge while they are away or even giving them a voucher for a nice night out on the town can be a fantastic idea for a wedding present.

Personal coaster sets

Personalised coasters with some of their favourite places or even personal spots where they could've met, can be a fun and elegant wedding gift that's extremely personal. You can find a variety of companies that will print and distribute beautiful coasters that can work as nice sets to give as gifts for a wedding or as part of a larger present!

Couple dance their first dance at their wedding

Offering services for the wedding

One of the greatest gifts that you could give a new couple, if you have some creative skills, is letting them a hand with their wedding. The cost of planning a wedding can be quite expensive and if you have any experience with planning, photography, music, crafts or other items your services could actually be an excellent wedding gift. Offering to help with designing and creating the centerpieces or working as a coordinator to get everything set up on the wedding day can be a wonderful gift that will help the whole family to have a much simpler wedding day!

Couples bedsheets

Sewing a pillowcase with their names on it or a his and hers side of the bed can be a cute and very thoughtful present that you can give, especially for a couple that is going to be moving in together for the first time. Giving the gift of custom bedsheets that are monogrammed can be an extremely thoughtful gift. Great quality bedsheets can be an excellent present for newlyweds and they're perfect for helping people start up in a brand-new home after a wedding.

How to pack for a wedding as a guest

Such a dilemma as different weddings have a range of events that can require your entire wardrobe, so here are some top tips.

This is a gender-neutral tip as weddings can go on and on and on, so make sure you are snug comfy warm (but not too warm) and ready to dance the night away. Remember that clothes and shoes that can double up for all the various planned events are going to be baggage allowance friendly if you are taking a flight.

Who knows what can happen and as the boy scouts motto says "be prepared". This can take the form of some needle and thread, a spare button or two or even a spare shirt or dress.

Make sure you look great but not a stand out sort of "look at me" type great. This is not your day and it is always best to be understated at a wedding and leave the gasps to the bride.

New home basics

If a couple is going to be moving in together or enjoying a brand-new home it could be an excellent idea to consider getting them a basket of fundamentals. This type of gift isn't always the most glamorous idea but it will provide them with a whole lot of items that they will use in their day to day life. Everything from fresh air fresheners, to hand soap and even cleaning supplies bundled together in a care basket can help to make sure that they don't have to worry about supplies for a long while. These are some of the most commonly overlooked gifts for wedding presents and if a couple is planning on moving into a new home, they are likely items that they will have to buy. Putting together one of these care packages can be a beautiful expression especially when you include a few personal items like monogrammed soap or some tea towels with their new family name on them.

A family tree

A family tree that is framed with their new names on them is a wonderful idea as a wedding present. If you or a family member don't have an artistic family tree or even an official family tree created, you could consider going back through a few generations in designing a tree that includes some of their lineage over time. These types of family trees can be a beautiful and very personal welcome to the family expression. This is a very emotional gift giving you the chance to learn a lot about your family and inform the new people entering into the family about some of the past members!

Something to grow together

House plants and gardening supplies can be a very fun gift to give at a wedding. Something like a small cactus or even a tiny tree for inside the house can be a great gift for a new couple. It gives them the chance to nurture something together and work at growing their gift together with love. There are certain types of house plants that can often survive over generations so it may even be possible that the couple could look back on the plant 25 or even 50 years down the road and recall their wedding. Pick up a resilient houseplant and be sure to put it in a special pot that bears their new family name or even an inscription with the date that they got married. This is an especially great gift for couples that have a green thumb!

A video presentation

If you have some talent for video you could consider collecting a number of memorable moments from throughout your time together with the couple or throughout their relationship. By putting together a series of photos into a slideshow or creating a nice piece of video content, that you could play at the wedding, you can give an emotional and very personal gift that the couple can enjoy playing many times over. You could even include some special additions to the video content such as a congratulations message from one of their favorite actors or musical artists. Putting the video content together well ahead of time will help to make sure you can make something that's very special and personalised to the couple exactly.


If you are looking for a unique wedding gift, we hope our guide has provided some food for thought. It's likely that by picking some of these options, you could really impress friends or family with a fun and unique gift even if you are on a budget.

Are you planning on attending a wedding as a guest in the near future? Let us know your gift ideas on our social media pages. For more ideas check out this interesting blog.

Make sure to do your research before buying a wedding gift in much the same way as you would before committing to using bad credit loans.