Learn how to make cash from your junk


Sally McGrath

Shopping is an activity that we often indulge in for both pleasure and necessity. Sometimes we buy things because they're urgent needs at the time. In other instances, we buy them because it makes us feel good in the moment. Whatever the case, the reality is, many things we buy end up in a junk pile sooner or later. This junk pile is often stuffed under the bed, locked in the garage or put somewhere far out of our reach. Little do many of us know, our junk may be hiding some realisable value and an alternative to online loans. Often times we're quick to resort savings or credit when unforeseen expenses come about. What if we told you the solution to a little more income may be right underneath your nose? We have put together a list of ways that you can turn the junk in your house into cash for extra income. You should have a few of these items at home and hopefully, they'll add a couple of pounds to your pockets.

Bit of bling

Gold is one of the most profitable things you can sell seeing as it can withstand stock crashes and inflation. If you have any that's laying around that you haven't used in awhile, there's a great chance you could make decent money from it. In order to get the most out of your gold, it's best for you to sell it to gold refiners. The only disadvantage of this option is that they usually only accept it in bulk. The next best places to sell are at local jewelers or pawn shops. The first step is to weigh your gold to see how much it might be worth relative to current gold prices. Also, note that the best time to sell gold is when there is economic uncertainty as there's usually a higher demand. Don't forget that you can always haggle to see if you can get a better deal.

Old clothes and shoes

Old clothes and shoes are the easiest things to sell as you most likely have tons you aren't using. You may even find after looking through your clothes that you have new items that haven't been worn. Ensure they're in good condition and carefully wash them before attempting to sell. Consider giving them to a clothes recycling company so you get to recycle while earning some money while you're at it.

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Broken crayons

Have a thing for crayons or have kids who enjoy leaving broken ones all over the house? If the answer is yes and you have a sufficient amount of broken crayons, you may be onto something. Believe it or not, melted crayons have many uses for crafting. In this light, gather as many as you can find and see how much you can get for them online. Ditching online loans and selling broken crayons instead sounds like a fair deal.

Where to sell your junk

Just identifying items that are surplus to requirements is only part of the battle, next you need to know where to sell it. Some places to flog your gear include:

  • Garage sale
  • Car boot sale
  • Online auction sites
  • Back of the local paper
  • Specialist pre-owned shops
  • Flea markets

Egg cartons

People who raise backyard hens for eggs are always on the hunt for empty cartons. To your advantage, it would be good to know that many of them are looking for people to buy them from. If you happen to have a weird habit of collecting them, they can be monetised. It's advisable that you stock up as many as you can so they can be sold in bulk and you get more money for your cartons.

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Toilet paper rolls

Instead of throwing your toilet paper rolls in the bin, there are better ways to put them to use. If you happen to have a pile of them in a corner waiting to be thrown into the recycling bin, hold off on that thought. Apparently, teachers use toilet paper rolls for arts and crafts in schools. As with the egg cartons, see if you can collect a whole bunch before attempting to sell them. Similarly, plastic bottle caps and beer bottle caps can make you money too. They are also said to be used for art supplies as well.


If your bills are piling up this month and you don't seem to have enough cash in hand to cover them, pause before you credit. Gadgets are a quick way to make a decent amount, although you're very unlikely to get them for as much as you purchased them. If they're in good condition, you'll still get a reasonable enough amount. Gadgets that you can consider putting up for sale include mobile phones, tablets, old game consoles, digital cameras, desktop PCs, iPods, Chromebooks, laptops, all in one PCs and mp3 players. Don't forget to wipe the data off of your gadgets before selling them.

rare and collectible comic books

Old cables and phone chargers

If you found you had some of the gadgets mentioned above laying around your house, chances are you may have the chargers as well. There are people looking to buy old cables and chargers so gather them and see how much you can get.


Timeless items such as books don't always sell for a robust amount, but they can be sold nevertheless. On the contrary, if you have old school textbooks or manuals and guides, those may sell for a lot more than novels will. Students and teachers are always looking for second-hand textbooks as they're cheaper than brand new ones.

Installation CDs and manuals

Have you ever searched all over for an installation CD from years ago and found you can't find it anywhere? If so, there are tons of people like you out there. Good news is some of them are still looking for those CDs. If you've got installation CDs that are no longer of any use to you, package them so that they can be sold.

Other items to sell

Baby food jars

Got little ones at home who consume baby food? If you have the jars, you can make extra money. Perhaps you've been using them to decorate, store items, or they're just piled up in a cupboard. Whatever the case, they can be sold online for quick cash.

Kitchen appliances

Those old kettles, that broken toaster and the worn-out microwave collecting dust in your basement are sources of income going unnoticed. The good thing is, whether broken or fixed, kitchen appliances can generate cash giving you extra income before payday.

CDs & DVDs

For extra cash, why not check if you have any classic CDs or DVDs? The age of using DVD players, CD players and cassette players may have gone, but the actual CDs and DVDs do still have value. If you happen to have music or films that are classics, you could be sitting on a gold mine.

Ways to sell

Great you have you junk now you need to flog it! Your options include:

Selling items online is the most modern way to go about it and is convenient as you can do it from the comfort of your home. There is the catch of having to actually send the items to buyers. In that case, you may want to factor that expense into your selling price. Also, remember choosing this method for selling your junk requires you take good quality pictures. The better the product looks; the more likely people are to buy it. Also, think about how much of your profit will go to platforms if you choose to sell online. Many of them will take a percentage of your revenue, however, you can still find some sites that will let you keep all of your profits.

In this digital age, there are now apps for almost everything, selling items included. Check online and find an app that allows you to sell your items. Find one with the least charges so that you can keep most, if not all of your earnings.

Although this is a traditional way of selling items, it hasn't yet gone out of style. Pawn shops will help you value your items and then give you a buying price. The good thing is that the prices are usually negotiable and you'll get your cash up-front.

Want to cut out all of the middle-men? Host a boot sale instead. You'll have the luxury of setting your own prices and not having to share your profits with anyone. The hassle that you will have to go through is advertising the sale and getting people to come. You will also need to present the items in an attractive way to get people to actually buy stuff. Sales skills will come in handy for this method as well.

There are shops out there that specialise in providing you a space to sell your stuff for either a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price. The shop owners do all the marketing, origination and provide the setting, you supply the stock. Not a bad way to monetise specialist items such as niche clothing or specific gadgets.

Similar to the above but in the days of retro chic that old 70s coffee table might just be what that hipster couple are looking for to deck out their retro flat. You might be able to get a better price for it than selling locally as different areas carry different market characteristics and different price points.

Other tips

Research is essential as it will tell you whether or not selling your items is worthwhile. The primary way to determine this is by checking how much your items are currently going for. You can do this by individually checking different stores or checking a comparison site.

The better condition that your goods are in, the more likely they are to sell. You'll also probably getter better rates if they look well-kept. Do whatever you can to improve the condition of the item and make sure they don't look too old and tatty even if it means having to wash or polish them.

As mentioned a few times above, it may be in your best interest to avoid selling your items to people or on platforms that will charge. Even if you do choose to, go for the option that allows you to keep the most money.

Be careful when selling your items as there are people looking to exploit you. Ensure the people you sell to are legitimate. Try and keep all your receipts and/or record of sales as well just in case anything goes wrong.


Learning how to identify the treasure amongst your junk will help you de-clutter your house and also increase your wallet size. The extra money you make from your junk can be used to help with emergency bills. The sole aim of this guide is to help you identify things everyday things you ignore that could make you extra money if sold. Our hope is that now that you've reached the end of it, you'll have loads of ideas on personal items you have that can bring in cash and an idea of how to sell them.

Have you ever sold any junk in your house? Where did you sell it and what's the most cash that you were able to get? Let us know on our social media pages. For more information on selling your junk check out this blog.