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Wedding season is always upon us seeing as love never really goes out of fashion. The cost of getting married, however can be very daunting. If you intend to borrow in order to pay for your wedding, bear in mind that it's going to cost and may require some external financing such as can be obtained via online loans. Apparently, the cost of an average wedding in the UK is around £25,000. These cost implications are not to be taken lightly and starting off married life far in the red is not ideal.

The good news is, if you're ready to be open-minded and unconventional you can have a wedding without the huge costs. It may require you to ditch a few traditional ways of doing things and try some cost-saving approaches but it can still be a memorable day and might be kinder to your wallet in the long run. In this article, we will share some of these ideas with you. Our main goal here is to give you cheaper alternatives for your wedding day.


It is very likely that the bride is going to take up a large percentage of the wedding budget. Her expenses alone could end up requiring online loans without proper budgeting. Here are some ways she can still be the star of the show without spending money like it's going out of fashion!

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Makeup is an essential for most brides on their wedding day. Using this to their advantage, most makeup artists have capitalised on this and sometimes charge exorbitant prices for wedding day services. However, you can cut costs in this area by either doing it yourself or getting a close family member to help.

If you're not up for DIY, another cost-saving measure is to book a professional's assistant as it should work out cheaper. You can also travel to the salon to get it done. By doing this, you'll avoid transportation and home service charges.


Every girl wants to be the belle of the ball on her wedding day, but getting the dress of your dreams can be really expensive. There are ways that you can look ravishing without tearing a hole into your wallet. Some of these include:

  • Paying for your dress in full as opposed to in installments to save you up to 5%
  • Renting a dress instead of buying one
  • Ordering from a bridal boutique that covers shipping costs
  • Being open to looking for wedding dresses outside of bridal shops/boutiques
  • Trying a simple shift style as they're cheaper
  • Looking out for winter and summer sales
  • Keeping alterations to a minimum
  • Getting a pre-owned wedding dress from a former bride

Out of all of these suggestions, hopefully, you'll find a few that you can apply. Remember, you're only going to wear the dress once; hopefully!


By making the decision to keep your hair simple on your big day, you could save a pocket full of money. Choosing a simple style means it's something that you should be able to whip up yourself with a little practice. Some easy DIY styles include a quick bun or a simple and classy down look. Like makeup, you could also get a friend or bridesmaid to do your hair. Just have them do a trial before the big day to ensure you're satisfied with the look.

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Like your dress, wedding shoes can cost a fortune depending on the brand you get. Remember, comfort should come first so ensure you go for ones that are both comfy and affordable. By checking sales, you should be able to find a pair you like for a decent price. Additionally, help yourself by avoiding "wedding" shoes as they are usually far more expensive. Try going for a pair of shoes that aren't categorised as bridal instead. Keep in mind that shoes with beading will likely be more expensive too.


Accessories are those little things you sometimes forget to squeeze into your budget which can actually rack up a bill. Some items may include a veil, earrings, a necklace and a bracelet. It could also be a tiara and hair accessories as well. To add sentimental value and save money, ask a family member if you can use the ones they used on their wedding day.


The flowers you're going to walk down the aisle with don't have to be overpriced. To save money, get flowers that are local and in-season. Sticking to just two types and choosing big blooms will also reduce costs. Alternatively, going to your local supermarket and getting a mix of flowers the morning of the wedding should work as well.


Morning dress / tuxedo

Men's tuxedos and morning dress can easily end up costing an arm and a leg, and this is especially true if it's designer. If caution is not taken, the groom could end up being the one breaking the bank to pay for his suit as opposed to the bride.

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There are different cost-effective alternatives to buying an expensive tuxedo or morning dress. Since it's only for a day, borrowing one from a close friend or renting are options. Surprisingly, the cost of renting could end up higher than buying one. In this light, see if you can get one in a major sale or a sharp non-name brand one.


For shoes, guys can check out wholesale wedding shoes to see if they can snag a good deal. Wearing a nice pair of shoes you have at home also isn't a bad idea! The same goes for cufflinks, a tie and any other accessories you may need.

Other costs

Once you have your outfits planned there are loads of other costs to consider:

Food tends to be a big deal at weddings and it can also be very expensive. However, many people are realising the amount of money that they can save by doing simple afternoon receptions accompanied by buffets. There is also the option of asking your guests to bring a dish if it's a small and intimate wedding and you making the sides yourself. This will significantly cut costs and save you needing unnecessary catering services. Likewise, you can get a friend or family member who has a knack for baking to make your wedding cake. If you really don't care for cake, ditch it and have dessert instead. For drinks, sticking to beer and wine as opposed to more elaborate drinks will cut costs significantly. Ultimately, the best way to keep expenses low is to keep your number of guests as low, however we know that is not always possible!

Buying your wedding rings at the last minute may not be the best idea as they're significant to your big day. Leaving it too late could result in a lack of budget seeing as you may have spent most of your money by then. Look for wedding rings with less metal as they cost less and the quality is still likely to be similar. Choose wedding rings made of gold or titanium over those made of platinum. Utilise free ring sizing before-hand as ring resizing is an extra cost. Buy the bridal set together as opposed to individually as it may be more cost-effective.

Transportation can be as simple and as glamorous as you want it to, but flashy often comes with a hefty price-tag. An option for free transportation is borrowing one from family or friends. Alternatively, you could use a taxi or even rent a flash car for the day. Booking rentals early, getting a vintage bus instead of individual cars, and only using taxis to one destination will also cut costs.

Digital is the way to go if you want to save money on invites. Sending them out via email or instant messaging will cut out printing costs. If you're the traditional type and must have physical invitations, why not make them yourself? You could also get a friend who's good with design to make your invitations as a wedding gift or at a discounted price.

For your wedding photography and videography, using a student or a trainee will work out cheaper. A seasoned photographer's fee could start from £1,000 upwards, yet a trainee may be just as good. Also, look for early booking discounts, opt for the digital option so you print at your convenience, and don't use them for more hours than you need.

Entertainment on your wedding day could range from anything to hosts, a DJ or a live band. If you want to save money, you could consider skipping the DJ and creating your own playlist. Taking this route will mean you'll need to figure out what sound systems are available at the venue. If none, you may need to rent a sound system to play your music from. For cheaper entertainment, look for upcoming bands online. Also, try bands at your local bar or university.



You can have your ceremony anywhere you want to as long as the premises has been approved by the local authority. You'll also need a registrar or religious minister present to officially register your marriage which has a cost starting from around £46. Using a church for your ceremony may cost money, but it could also work out far less. If you're already a member of a church, sometimes they'll only ask for a donation instead of charging you to use the venue.


Having your ceremony and reception at the same venue is a good way of cutting costs. By doing this, you'll save on transportation and it's far more convenient. If you're using a church for your ceremony, see if they have a hall available for rent. They may also give you a discount for using the church for your wedding ceremony. Want to use a different venue altogether? Getting married during off season which is November to April should guarantee you cheaper rates. Small hotels, pub wedding venues and village halls offer great deals and bargains as well. Avoid venues that ask you to use their own vendors so that you can pick your own at cheaper rates. It is said that you can save up to 30% if you choose to have a Sunday brunch reception instead of an evening one. You can either do this at an outdoor venue or in your back garden to save even further. If all else fails, a restaurant can be a cheaper and less stressful alternative. All you'll need to do is book in advance and show up looking breathtaking.


Decorating your reception venue is one of the areas that will bite into your pockets. Doing it yourself may be a little time consuming, but it will help you to save a large chunk of cash. In order to DIY, you'll need a range of items such as tablecloths, balloons, flowers, candles, lanterns, favours and a few extra hands. Try and get friends and family on-board to help and begin buying or making the things you need in advance.

The key to saving money if you're doing it yourself is getting the decorations for as little as possible. This will require you to budget and also to possibly buy items in bulk as sometimes it works out cheaper. You can always use the leftover decorations for other celebrations in the future. Another hack is to use your church wedding flowers or cheap blooms from the supermarket for the tables at the reception.


Try not to follow traditions when planning your wedding as it may result in you spending more than you need to. Cut out the things that you really aren't enthusiastic about and don't feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing. Weddings should be a day to remember, but they shouldn't leave you beginning your married life in significant amounts of unmanageable debt. If you do borrow then borrow responsibly. For more information on how we lend responsibly, see here.

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