Have an amazing honeymoon without breaking the bank


Caroline Short

Nothing will knock you and your partner off of cloud nine like a blissful and amazing honeymoon that ends with a hefty bill. We can all dream of honeymoons that we see in the movies not knowing that they can be pretty expensive and if you are not careful can end up getting out of control perhaps leading you to consider a loan from a payday lender. A honeymoon should consist of a good time, intimate moments and more importantly, financial peace of mind, without breaking the bank. These three things are attainable if you learn how to bargain your way into a cheap honeymoon. Alternatively, you can change the rules of the game and do something different altogether. We have put together a couple of ideas on how you can get a honeymoon you'll never forget for less.


We can all dream of that private island thousands of miles away but that doesn't have to be the case when there are plenty of beautiful destinations closer to home. The UK has many hidden gems waiting for you to explore. Why not do a little research and try one of these destinations instead? Opting for this option instead of hopping on a long-haul flight could mean more spending money when you get there! It will work out far cheaper as it's closer to home and you can still feel like you were able to get away. Destinations that you could take into consideration include Scotland, Wales, Lake District, Cornwall, and Wiltshire to name a few. You'll be able to enjoy breath-taking country landscapes. There are also eye-catching mountains, valleys, lakes, and sea view restaurants.

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Similar to the suggestion above, traveling around Europe for your honeymoon shouldn't break the bank either. Seeing as it's nearby, the flights won't be as expensive because they're a shorter distance away. For instance, you can visit places like Paris, the notorious city of love, without taking out a cash advance when you get back to work. Below are some nice but cost-effective places you could consider within Europe:

  • Vienna (From £300 upwards)
  • Madrid (From £300 upwards)
  • Palma (From £300 upwards)
  • Nice (From £280 upwards)
  • Edinburgh (From £280 upwards)
  • Berlin (From £270 upwards)
  • Strasbourg (From £230 upwards)

These prices aren't absolute and of course, will fluctuate based on the season. However, you're likely to be able to travel to these beautiful destinations for well under £500 per person. There are many more places you can visit in Europe within the same price range. You're only an online search or travel agent away from uncovering them.

Try glamping

Glamping is another way to honeymoon at a home away from home. It is especially a fantastic idea if you're a nature lover. You will get to experience the serenity of the outdoors with your partner in a private location. There are elegant and peculiar cabins in the woods and on-site activities depending on the cabin you end up at. It is definitely a different type of experience and one that will be intimate too.

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The most alluring part of it all may just be how cheaply you can glamp. There are quite a number of unique and affordable cabins and retreats that you'll find that won't cost up to £500 for the both of you for three to four nights. If you guys are really down for an adventure, go camping instead! Get a good old tent, a basket full of food and sleeping bags and wish upon a star. The best part is, your wish won't need to be money related as you would've saved yourself a fortune.

Wait until the off-season

If you haven't heard already, traveling during the off-season will save you a lot of money. Depending on when your wedding is holding, you can pick a date that isn't so busy. Off-season months are usually after peak periods such as winter and summer. October to December and January to March are good times of the year to take into consideration. October is a major money saver seeing as it's half-term, while January to March is right before any major holidays and summer.

Peak periods are usually influenced by festivals, public holidays or severe weather as well. The end goal should be to avoid them by all means possible. Also, don't forget to check the weather in your desired destination when hunting for an off-season holiday. You would hate to get there hoping for some sunshine and be greeted by cold winds or rain instead.

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Cheaper flights

Flights and accommodation will probably account for most of your honeymoon expenses. If you and your partner aren't too fussy, why not try compromising in these areas? In terms of flights, there are a number of things you can do to save. This includes ticket splitting, which may require you to buy separate tickets to and from if it works out cheaper. Check the cost of flying in and out of smaller airports as opposed to larger ones. You may find that this significantly brings down the cost of your travel.


Planning to spend more time outside of the hotel exploring the city than inside? Going for cheaper accommodation in this instance would be ideal. For starters, instead of staying in a hotel you could try staying with a host. You would be able to get your own room in a house or apartment, but you may have shared spaces such as the living room and kitchen. Sometimes, the host may be living in the house or there could be a long-term tenant. Either way, you can use the excess you would have spent on accommodation on other things you'd prefer to spend on.


Another option includes staying in a hostel. There are many that are decent, clean and well-furnished hostels that you could consider staying in. However, you won't know until you do a little research and see what your options are. Don't forget to thoroughly check reviews to see other people's experiences as well.


Villas can be cheaper alternatives to hotels. You'll get all of the privacy you need for some romantic quiet time. You'll save a lot if you make use of the kitchen and cook your own food. You can make it fun by setting the ambiance with candles and cooking together. Ditching villas that have private pools may also knock the price down too.

More tips

The cost saving ideas keep on coming! Consider the following:

A travel agent's main job is to get you a holiday package for less. Work with a reputable one and let them know your budget. Don't be afraid of haggling with them to find you the best package possible. Most of the time, they can always go lower. The advantage of using them is their packages usually combine flights, hotel bookings, and tourist activities within your budget.

Saving money means changing the rules of the game at times. Who said having a honeymoon at home was ruled out? This is a chance for you to get extremely romantic and creative. You could choose a theme for your indoor honeymoon and create it right at home. If you've always wanted to go to Hawaii, decorate your new home accordingly. Get hula grass skirts and necklaces and fill the house with flower petals. You could also create a little hut in your bedroom and light up some scented candles. In terms of activities, arrange a few romantic ones that you can do at home. These can consist of your favourite games, films, food, and anything else that enables you to bond.

Instead of getting you those mugs, home appliances, or kitchen items, suggest your friends and family give you cash instead. Open an account specifically for your honeymoon donations and let them know that's the wedding gift you'd most appreciate. Another way of achieving this would be to consider an actual honeymoon registry. You would need to work with a travel agency that would help you manage all contributions made by your wedding guests. Essentially, they would collect and monitor all contributions and put them towards your honeymoon expenses.

This may seem far-fetched, but people do actually win these things. Take a few minutes every day to look for honeymoon giveaways. Each competition will have different requirements but it's worth a shot. You may not win, but on the other hand, you may. At the end of the day, nothing beats an all-inclusive and completely paid for honeymoon.

There are no rules on how long your honeymoon has to be, but shorter will definitely be cheaper. Instead of doing the conventional elongated honeymoon, why not go for something that's only a day or two long? Think of a mini bucket list of things you and your partner have always wanted to do and make some of them happen. You can make it an activity-filled day that ends in a romantic dinner at the place of your choice.

Track the value of the pound against worldwide currencies and bag yourself a bargain. This will come in handy if you want to travel abroad for your honeymoon. Pick a country that will give you your money's worth when you convert from pounds to their local currency. A weaker local currency will work to your advantage as you get more money for your pound. A few countries that have recently fallen into this category are Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, and Turkey.

Even more ideas

Use frequent flyer miles

If yourself or your partner travel often, this would be a great time to use your frequent flyer miles. See what membership awards you may have and what points can be transferred or if you're entitled to discounted or free air travel.

Try a cruise

As long as you and your partner don't suffer from motion sickness, a boat cruise is an affordable option for a honeymoon, aside from it being a romantic idea, you could save up to 55% if you book early. As with most holidays, you may also get an irresistibly cheap deal if you wait until the last minute as they'll be trying to fill the cruise.

Hotel honeymoon

Hotels are a great destination for relaxation. You won't have any dishes to wash, there won't be dinner to make and you certainly won't have to make the bed in the morning. There are hundreds if not thousands of hotels throughout the UK. Think about the particular features you would like and do a little research. You might want a hotel with a sauna or a spa to help you unwind. Alternatively, a state of the art gym or something with fun activities might be more up your alley. Whatever the case, you should be able to find a hotel that meets your specific needs. Meanwhile, you'll save thousands of pounds while still giving yourself a luxury honeymoon-like treat.


Always remember that delay is not denial. It's never too late to have a honeymoon despite what you may think. Saving towards it over time will put less pressure on you and your significant other. It would be far more stressful to book a holiday you can't really afford and have to take suffer the consequences when you come back home.


Starting your new life together on the best financial footing sounds like the right a way to start a marriage. In that light, it is possible to have an unforgettable honeymoon without going beyond your means. With a few cost-saving secrets, a little patience and creativity you can get definitely more for less

We hope you've found some useful ideas for a cheaper honeymoon within this post and they are practical ones you can apply. Where do you plan to go on your honeymoon and how do you intend on getting it for less? For more great UK honeymoon ideas head over to this website.