Relax in peace with a DIY spa day in your own home


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The mere thought of having a spa treat is refreshing on its own. The thought of getting a head-to-toe massage, the feeling of comfort and ease that accompanies it, as well as the special attention, all make it something to look forward to. However, when you think about the fact that such a luxury could leave a crack in one's pocket, it can be somewhat discouraging. Opting for online loans could be an option, but have you thought of doing it on your own instead? If you have and need some ideas regarding where to start, this article is going to explore ways that you can recreate your own luxury spa at home without breaking the bank.

Visualise your ideal spa day

One of the first things that you should do when planning a DIY spa day is to visualise what your ideal spa day would be like. If you've had an enjoyable spa experience, try and remember what elements of the spa treatment stood out to you the most. You can then think about how you can recreate this in your DIY spa day. It could be that you were taken over by the inviting fragrances, enjoyed the feel of the body scrubs, or felt refreshed when you spent time in the steam room. Whatever the case, for just about every aspect of your spa experience aside from the real-life person massaging you, there is likely a DIY alternative that's just as good. Once you've envisioned what you want your experience to be like, you can then begin executing it with the following tips.

Think about what materials you're going to need

When planning a DIY spa day, you may want to think about what materials you're going to need. You could start this process by writing out a list of all the items that would be necessary for a perfect spa day. Ensure that before creating the list, you set a budget so that you don't end up overspending on items and needing an online loan. You should also take a quick look around your local pound shop as you're likely to find several items that you can use.

Do it yourself spa treatments

Hair treatments

One area of your body to not neglect during your spa treatment is your hair. For this reason, you should think about whipping up your own hair treatments that you can let sit during your bubble bath. Some ideas for treatments include:

  • strawberries, egg yolk, and olive oil
  • banana, avocado, and coconut oil
  • yogurt, apple cider vinegar, and lemon
  • avocado, honey, olive oil

Create the ambience

One of the most important aspects of a spa is the ambiance and how it makes you feel. On this note, you want to create the same ambiance you feel when you're at the spa in your house so that you feel relaxed, calm and at peace. This is key as a good spa treatment should not only cater to the body but should also cater to the needs of the mind and soul as well. Some ideas for ways you can create this ambiance include playing relaxing music, using dim lighting in the room and choosing sweet-smelling fragrances to put in the air. If you don't have controlled lighting, perhaps think about changing the light bulbs to ones that aren't bright or using red or green lights instead if that's what you fancy.

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Prepare your bubble bath

Another aspect of a relaxing spa day is a soothing bubble bath. You can have it at your preferred temperature and fill your bathtub with warm water as well as essential oils. Some essential oils you can include are lavender, lemon, oregano, rosemary, clove or eucalyptus. Other ingredients to add to the bath water are salt and other body enhancing additives in the right measurements. This should help open up your pores and give you a thorough cleansing so that you look and feel refreshed. Another way to make your bubble bath more enjoyable is by pouring yourself a glass of wine or playing sounds of crashing waves or rain in the background.

Turn off your gadgets

One of the purposes of a spa day is usually to take time out for relaxation. Some people prefer to shut themselves away from the world for that hour or two, so if that sounds like a good idea, consider turning off your gadgets. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of an intense spa moment, only to be interrupted by your phone or work-related emails. You can avoid this happening by simply putting your phone on aeroplane mode and informing everyone else at home that you'll be having a quiet spa day for a couple of hours. Another idea is to consider placing a 'do not disturb' sign on your door so that they get the idea.

Relaxing bubble bath

Massage your body

It may not be as relaxing as someone else massaging you, but there are certain aspects of your body that you can massage on your own. There are several benefits of massages which include helping you get rid of stress and making your body feel more relaxed. You can release some of the tension locked in your muscles by consciously pressing on them and rubbing through. Also, apply essential oils in the area you want to massage, use your fingers to trace the back of your neck, press thoroughly and massage following a rhythmic pattern as you please. The soothing effect of this single process should leave you feeling more relaxed than ever.

Make a homemade moisturiser

After a relaxing spa treatment, what better way to pamper your skin than by giving it a good moisturiser? If you're worried about how expensive that may be, you should know that there are tons of home remedies that you can try. One of them is raw organic honey mixed with water or buttermilk. You can also consider using olive oil with a few drops of lavender essential oils, castor oil, coconut oil, aloe, and shea butter. If you happen to like avocados, after eating one, you can try rubbing the inner part on your face and leaving it for ten minutes.

Other spa items you may need

Regarding what materials you may need, that is heavily dependent on what spa treatments you've opted to treat yourself to. Some basics you will need, however, include body scrubs, lotions, towels, face masks, robe, and slippers, as well as pedicure and manicure utensils. It's recommended that you do a little research beforehand regarding the specific treatments that you want to use. By doing this, you should have a clearer indication regarding the best items to buy. If you can't decide what spa treatments you should stick to, you'll find a few ideas below.

Choose your spa treatments

There are numerous spa treatments that you can do right in the comfort of your own home. In case you want some inspiration, you're going to find a couple below that will save you tons of money and probably give you similar results.

If you want to give your skin an added glow, try an apple pie spa treatment skin polish. This is a good one to opt for because apples contain malic acid which is an exfoliating enzyme that's useful for removing dead skin cells and surface dirt. The ingredients that you're going to need to carry this out include brown sugar, granulated sugar, apple sauce and cinnamon.

Another idea in terms of spa treatments you can try at home is a green clay facial. This is a relatively popular one that you've probably seen on television or in a magazine before. If you tend to find that you have breakouts often, then a green clay facial may be ideal for you. This is because it attacks breakouts by extracting impurities from your skin. The ingredients you need are green clay powder which you can get at your local store or online, as well as water and a few drops of essential oil.

For all of the chocolate lovers, you may be happy to know that there's an all-natural chocolate face mask that you can try. This is a face mask that's ideal for normal skin and should leave your face feeling soft and silky. The ingredients you're going to need include cocoa, heavy cream, cottage cheese, honey, and powdered oats. You can leave it on for ten minutes before washing it off and you should feel the effects of it instantly as well as fall in love with the chocolatey aroma.

If you visit your average spa, you will see that many have the option of a manicure and pedicure on the list of service offerings. This is certainly something you do on your own at home if you happen to have the right equipment. Some items that you're going to need include shampoo, a foot scrub, Epsom salt, a cuticle pusher, nail file, foot files, nail clippers and toenail clippers. You can begin with your cuticles and then go on to scrubbing your hands and feet with the nail file. Once that's done, trim your nails and chose a polish colour to finish it up.

When treating yourself to a DIY spa day, your hands shouldn't be left out. You can give them special treatment by doing a sugar scrub and honey hand wrap. This is ideal if you happen to have dry, itchy, and winter-chapped hands in need of some TLC. If you're wondering what you need to carry this out, olive oil, sugar and honey should do the trick. Using the body scrub, gently trace the length and breadth of your hand, scrubbing thoroughly up your arms and down to your fingers with a focus on your palm and under the arm.

Another ideal treatment to try at home is the coffee body scrub. This is perfect for all of the coffee lovers out there who love the scent of freshly brewed coffee. When coarsely ground, coffee is capable of ridding your body of dead flaky skin cells. The ingredients you will need include coarsely ground coffee, raw sugar or sea salt, as well as massage oils.

Steam your face

When planning your DIY spa day, it's imperative that you don't forget to steam your face. This is likely the cheapest treatment of all those mentioned as it doesn't require much. Some benefits of steaming your face include helping eradicate wrinkles in case you have a few creeping up as well as helping open up your pores. To steam your face, you'll need to put hot water in a basin first of all. You can then grab a towel and place it over your head as you gently take your face close to the basin so that your face absorbs the steam. At this point, your face is highly sensitive so be sure not to get too close to avoid possible burns. To increase the potency of the water, you can add some healthy facial oils and essential ointments. If you have acne, this is also a great idea as it's best known as a household treatment for acne.


There are numerous benefits to having a DIY spa day. To mention a few, it saves you a significant amount of money, eliminates the hassle of having to go all the way to a spa, and enables you to pamper yourself right inside of your comfort zone. Your ability to recreate your own ambiance gives a refreshing sense of fulfilment. At the end of the day, you have more to gain than lose by choosing to plan a DIY spa day. Although it's something that will require a significant amount of effort, you'll likely find that it's worth it in the end.

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Just because you are on a budget does not mean you have to miss out on luxuries such as a spa day. Saving on things that are considered a luxury can be a rewarding experience and may mean that you can avoid needing bad credit loans.