A $100k Christmas carol

Ever thought about how much purchasing all the items from the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ song would cost? We neither.

But an article on The Consumerist website tries to pin down the exact  cost according to recent retail figures, despite the lack of clarity on how to secure the services of some piping pipers and drumming drummers (Covent Garden, we guess?).

PNC Financial have taken the time to analyse the changing trends in prices over the past few decades and we have apparently surpassed the $100k mark, reaching $101, 119.84.

This represents an astonishing 35% rise compared to five years ago despite the slight difference of 4.4% since 2010.

Coming in at the most expensive item is the seven swans a-swimming, at a whopping $6,300, closely followed by nine ladies dancing, at around $5 dollars cheaper than that.

The cheapest items are the milking maids … although we would love to get our hands on those udderly ridiculous calculations!

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